Core modules - available for all

Core modules are the engine that powers Partnerplace. Regardless of the plan you have selected, they will be available for you and/or your partners. You can expand these features with the add-on modules.

💡We keep expanding the library of features each month. To learn what is planned for the future, visit our roadmap.

Everything in one place

Keep track of all your partner changes and communication in one single place. Our system automatically stores all actions and publishes them on the timeline view, giving you a full history of collaboration. Get clarity on who asked for what and when. Create private notes. Get notified when something changes. Keep track of the important aspects of your partnership.


Structure your partnerships for success

With our system you can create as many partner types with as many tiers as you want. Each one can have a different color, commissions and rules of working with them. Give your most active partners additional benefits and your passive partners something to aim to. Create a structure that will help you grow.


Commission management

Knowing who to pay what and when is a big challenge in partnerships. With Partnerplace you can easily calculate the estimated commissions and keep track of payments. We've built the app in an elastic way that handles single or recurring commissions, allows them to change in time, be time limited and also combine different commission types. All so that you can structure your partnership the way you want to.


Never lose another lead

With Partnerplace both the partner and yourself can exchange leads. With a familiar timeline view, both sides get full transparency on the progress. You get to approve leads, exchange files and invite your sales team to talk directly with the partner. With the intuitive filters and sorting, you can easily figure out which partners are most active.


You decide what information you need

We tried to make Partnerplace as elastic as possible. Because of that we've included a way to create multiple forms, so that you can collect different data depending on which partner type you are working with. The forms will change automatically based on which partner you choose to work on. And the best thing, is you can also use them without logging into the system. Any lead submitted by the external form, will automatically be assigned to the correct partner.

form fields

Build partnerships globally

You can set up your account to work with different currencies. Each user can also choose to change the language of the platform to make their experience better. Currently supporting English and Polish, but if you want to add a new language, we promise to do it for you in a matter of days.


Make it look like home

Partnerplace has been built on the idea that we are just a tool to facilitate your job. This is why we offer you the chance to modify the branding (colors, fonts, and logo) - your partners will feel right at home. In the add-on modules, we also have the option to make the platform completely white-label (both domain and e-mails).